A) Admission Criteria:

To be eligible for admission to the Arab Open University, the student should have successfully passed the secondary school certificate examination. The AOU considers the admission of diploma graduates who wish to pursue their higher education to qualify for bachelor degrees. Moreover , the AOU considers the admission of applicants who have successfully completed relevant programs at a recognized higher learning institution to earn additional credits that enable them to further their educational careers.

B) Admission Requirements:

To be eligible for admission to the Arab Open University baccalaureate programs, the student should have successfully passed the secondary school certificate examination or an equivalent exam. The AOU is keen to enroll as many students as possible depending on the availability of the staff and other educational resources.

C) Faculties & Programs:

The AOU offers a wide range of undergraduate programs including:-

1- English Language & Literature with two track options

  • English Language & Literature

2- Information Technology (IT) & Computing with one track

  • Information Technology (IT) & Computing

3- Business Administration with four track options

  • Business Administration
  • Accounting

The language of instruction for all above programs is English language

In addition to professional diploma & master degrees in the above mentioned disciplines.

To Apply:

  1. Copy of Sudan high school certificate or its equivalent (Original).
  2. Original & copy of The National Number or Passport (Non Sudanese).
  3. 2 recent personal colored photos.
  4. Payment of required fees (196 SD+200 SD).Admission conditionsTo be admitted in any BA programme the student should fulfill the following conditions:
    • Obtain a general secondary school certificate or equivalent.
    • Fulfill any other conditions determined by the Ministry of Higher education & scientific research.


    1. Copy of the Sudanese Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent
    2. Valid original identity and a copy (National Number)
    3. B (2) resent personal photography (4*6).
    4. Admission fees

    Language Placement Test

    All freshmen shall submit the Language Placement Test in Arabic and English pursuant to standards approved by the University Council.

    Non-Arabic speaking freshmen shall be exempt from the Arabic Placement Test and shall be treated pursuant to standards approved by the University Council.

    Freshmen attaining a minimum of (500) score in the TOEFL hard copy version, equivalent score in the soft copy version, or the equivalent score thereof in the IELTS shall be exempt from the English Placement Test, provided that their scores have been obtained within the two years preceding their admission to the University.

    Academic Programmes offered by the University

    • Information Technology & Computing.
    • English Language & Literature.
    • Business Administrator (Management – Accounting)
    • Education

    (Language of study is English)

    Conditions for obtaining a bachelor’s degree


    To grant the bachelor’s degree, the total number of approved semester hours for the courses included in the study plan for any of the programs at the bachelor’s level at the university should not be less than (132-140) credit hours.


    Academic Year

    The academic year shall consist of two semesters, each having a duration of 16 weeks including the final examinations period.  The summer semester is optional and shall cover a duration of 8 weeks including the final examinations period.

    The commencement of the academic year and semesters, as well as examination dates, shall be determined pursuant to University Calendar as approved by the University Council.

    Study Duration

    The maximum duration for obtaining a BA award shall be (16) semesters, Equivalent to (8) years. The minimum requirement for the same purpose is (7) semesters, equivalent to three and a half years.

    Study Load and Registration

    The minimum study load per student shall be 8 credit hours per semester.

    The maximum study load per student shall be 21 credit hours per semester.

    Student with a cumulative average less than 2 points shall not be permitted to register for more than 12 credit hours.


    Face-to-face classroom meeting hours allocated for tutorials in each course during the single semester shall be 4 classroom hours against each credit hour allotted to the course, pursuant to arrangements made by the concerned Branch which suit its circumstances.


    Face-to-face tutorial classroom hours may be increased in case of certain courses having special nature pursuant to ratio to be determined by the competent Faculty or branch with a view to fulfilling local accreditation requirements.

    Attending face-to-face tutorial sessions of the registered course is mandatory by the student whose absence from such tutorials may not exceed 25% of the prescribed tutorials as stated in the approved University Calendar.

    Face-to-face classroom meetings are held:

    • Every two weeks for courses with 3 or 4 CHs, except EL111 and EL112 courses which are held once a week.
    • Once a week for courses with 8 or 4 units at times.
    • 4 times per week for introductory English courses with no modules (EL099-EL098)Equivalency of CoursesCourses completed by the student in another recognized educational institution existing in the AOU Branch country may be equated pursuant to the Criteria for Course Equivalence as approved by the University Council.

      Duly equated courses shall be entered in the student’s academic record together with course number and hours.  Letter (T) shall be entered opposite such course to indicate (Equated). The total hours of such courses shall be excluded from the student’s cumulative average.


      Considering equivalence requests will be subject to the following conditions:

      • The academic institution in which the student studied is accredited and recognized.
      • At least the student’s assessment of the course to be (C) or equivalent.
      • The Credit Hours of the course completed by the student shall be equivalent to Credit Hours of the course of the Arab Open University. The course shall be similar to the course of the Arab Open University in terms of scientific content.


      The student must complete the application form and submit it to the Admissions and Registration Department. The application shall be accompanied by a certified copy of the academic record and a detailed description of the contents of the courses studied. A special committee in each department will study the applications submitted by its student. Based on that study, the decision is made or not.


      Warning and Dismissal

      A warning shall be issued to the student whose cumulative average is less than 2 points at the end of any semester excluding the summer semester.

      The student shall be dismissed from the University if he receives four warnings within four consecutive semesters excluding the summer semester.

      The student who has been dismissed from the University for Academic Reasons related to the cumulative average may re-apply for enrolment in any University program excluding the one from which he was dismissed.

      Postponement of Study

      The continuing student (non-freshmen) may postpone his study within a period not exceeding two weeks from the commencement of the semester, provided that such postponement does not exceed four consecutive or interrupted semesters.  Such postponement shall not be included within the maximum study duration limit allowed for completion of graduation requirements.

      Discontinuing of Studies

      The student shall be deemed a discontinuing student should he fail to register in any course during any semester.  Such semester shall be included in the allowed study duration limit unless a force-majeure excuse is submitted by the student and approved by Branch Director.  In case of such approval, the student shall be deemed to have postponed his studies for the relevant semester.

      Course Assessment

      Each course shall have the final mark out of (100) marks to be equally distributed between the Continuous Assessment and the Final Examinations.  The Continuous Assessment’s (50) marks shall be allotted as follows:

      • (20) Marks shall be assigned for Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs) specified in the Course Calendar.
      • (30) Marks shall be allotted to Midterm Assessment.


      Final grades for each course as letter grades shall correspond to the following points:



      Letter Grade Points
      A 4.0
      B+ 3.5
      B 3.0
      C+ 2.5
      C 2.0
      D 1.5
      FC, FF, FCH, F, FA 0


      Grade D is considered as the minimum passing grade for student’s successful completion of the course.


      The student shall fail the course in any of the following cases:

      • If the student’s mark in Continuous Assessment was less than (15) out of (50) marks. In this case, FC grade – (Failed in Continuous Assessment) – shall be entered in his record.
      • If the student’s mark in the Final Examinations was less than (20) out of (50) marks. In this case, (FF) grade – Failed in the Final Examinations – shall be entered in his record.
      • If the student’s final mark, being the total marks obtained in the Continuous Assessment and the Final Examinations was less than (50%), in this case, letter (F) – a symbol for Fail – shall be entered in his record.

      Credit hours of the student’s failed course, pursuant to any said cases, shall be included in the student’s semester and cumulative averages.


      Cancellation of enrollment

      Student’s enrollment shall be canceled in the following cases:

      • Upon personally filing an application for withdrawal from the University.
      • If he fails to register for any course during the first semester following enrollment at the University.
      • Should he discontinue his studies for four consecutive semesters without valid excuse?


      A student with canceled enrollment due to discontinued studies may apply for re-enrollment in the same academic programme which he discontinued, or any other programme provided he fulfills the conditions of enrollment therein.