Welcome to the E-Library, the academic platform responsible for providing access to information resources that help students and researchers in their study and research at the Arab Open University (AOU). To access these resources , you need to enter the research key words or click on one of the links of the home page. In the near future, the E-Library will allow its visitors to access its paper content shelved in 14 sub-libraries of the AOU, which operates in eight Arab countries.

Currently, the E-Library consists of 58 databases, including e-books, e-journals, and e-encyclopedias. There are, in addition, portals to access to the recorded AOU courses. Therefore, if you look for a published article on a journal, a chapter on a book, or any evidence in any part of the world, you can reach it when following the regular steps of searching.

The E-Library is one of the key components of the AOU Academic Sector. It technically oversees all AOU libraries operating in AOU branches and centers.

The Department of Libraries at AOU is directly responsible for the establishment and management of the electronic library of the University, and the selection of databases that the University subscribes to and those databases that are available for free, to meet the information needs of students.

At the present time, the E-Library offers 58 electronic databases to the AOU students. Every year it witnesses more than 100 thousand visitors, who use the resources of this library and annually conduct nearly 150 thousand successful research papers.

The E-library offers a variety of information resources, such as e-journals, e-books, reports, catalogues and digital information to students who can use in their preparation of assignments and university research papers.

The AOU branches are equipped with traditional libraries filled with books and journals, which have been subscribed to online. There are also halls for reading purposes at these libraries.

The AOU sub-libraries are supervised by specialists in Information and Libraries, who provide various Information Technology services to the beneficiaries of the Library’s resources.

Please follow these steps in order to access the E-Library:

1. Go to the library portal at http://www.aou-elibrary.com

2. Enter your username (Student ID + ‘@aou.edu.sd’, ex. 123456@aou.edu.sd)

3. Enter your password (default password is aou123 in case you are logging in for the first time)

4. Once you are logged-in, you will be redirected automatically to the Resources tab where you can simply click on the resource you are interested in. The single-sign-on mechanism will automatically authenticate you as a valid Arab Open University user and let you browse and view full text articles, books and journals.