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Dear Student,

Welcome to AOU,

In this section, you will find “Student Guide”.

The “Student Guide” has been developed to help you during your academic progress at AOU, where we have summarized all the bylaws, regulations and instructions that cover all the fields of interest.


You will find in this guide all the brief answers that may come to mind in your university life to proceed avoiding mistakes that may affect your progress.


You can view th​e OU Student’s Guide 2020/2021​ by clicking HERE.

  • The AOU follows the blended learning system which is based on the 3 main factors:

      • Tutorial Classes (Face-to Face)
      •  e-Learning
      • Self Learning​

​​Study plans for academic programs are based on the credit hours system.

The total number of credit hours to obtain a bachelor’s degree in any of the programs should not be less than (128) credit hours.
The total number of credit hours for a master’s degree in any of the programs must be at least (33) credit hours. The University has the right to raise the minimum as it deems appropriate in accordance with the requirements of local accreditation. Master’s programs are offered according to two tracks:​

  • Track 1: Dissertation
    The study plan consists of several courses, including a dissertation for which at least (6) credit hours are allocated.

  • Track 2: Comprehensive Exam
    The study plan consists of courses followed by a comprehensive examination (CE). After passing these courses successfully and obtaining the required cumulative GPA -according to regulations- you can sit for the CE.​

​​​​The academic year consists of two semesters of sixteen weeks each, including the final exams’ period.

  • The University offers the possibility of optional registration for the summer semester. The duration of study in the summer semester is eight weeks, including the final exams’ period.
  • The beginning of the academic year, classes and exams’ dates shall be determined according to 

​​​​To get admitted to any of the undergraduate programs, you must:

  • Get a high school certificate or its equivalent.
  • Meet any other conditions specified by the university, or the concerned authorities in the country of the branch.
  • The University may accept those who want to study specific courses (if any) as non-enrolled students, taking into consideration of any other conditions determined ​

To get admitted to any of the Master’s programs, you must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized university in accordance with local accreditation requirements.
  • Meet the conditions set by the concerned deanships and accreditation bodies in the branch countries.
  • Should not have a previous academic dismissal from the program in which you are applying for admission.​​

 The papers and documents submitted by the student for admission are non-returnable in any way.​

 Cancellation of Enrollment

 Languages Placement Test
  1. If you are a new student at AOU in the undergraduate programs, you will take the placement test in Arabic and English. 
  2. If you are non-native speaker of the Arabic language, you will be exempted from the Arabic placement test registered directly in the Arabic language courses dedicated for non-native speakers.
  3. When you take the placement test, your result will determine the exempted courses if any. The exempted courses will be assigned a “CR” grade which means “exempted” and not counted within your GPA.​

English Language

If you have previously taken TOFEL or IELTS, you shall be exempted from taking the placement test and exempted from some English language courses, according to your score, provided that the test’s result is not older than two years: ​


 Arabic Language

You will be exempted from studying one or more of the university’s compulsory requirements in Arabic according to your score in the placement test in the Arabic language and according to the levels mentioned in the table below: ​


Or, the table below depending on your study plan requirements:


Duration of Study


Educational Materials

Registration and its load

Add and Drop

Courses’ Equivalency

Tutorials and Attendance

Postponing of Study

Dropout of Study

Complete University Withdrawal
Evaluation in Courses

General Procedures of transfer (All Degrees)

University degrees are awarded by a decision of the University Council upon the recommendation of the concerned FEC and CEC.

Bachelor’s degree:

  • Awarded after the student passes all courses included in his/ her program study plan provided that his cumulative GPA is not less than two out of four.
  • A student who has not completed the graduation requirements of the academic program to which he/ she is enrolled may be given a statement letter, provided that he/ she fulfills the conditions specified by the concerned Deanship. 

Master’s degree:

  • Awarded after the student passes all courses included in his/ her program study plan.
  • The cumulative GPA is not less than three out of four.
  • Passing the “Dissertation” defense or the “Comprehensive Exam”.
  • Any other requirements mentioned in the program study plan, university bylaws and local accreditation requirements.
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